I use Starling Bank but I found that exporting the data on a regular basis to Banktivity or PocketSmith was fairly tricky, as typing in a complex password on a phone to export a CSV, to copy it to shared storage, to copy it from shared storage to my Mac, to import it into the app; to be a fairly tedious process.

You will need to create a developer account, here, and generate your Authorisation token (for which I use Paw to take the grunt work out of testing API calls)

#Convert Starling JSON output to a usable CSV
## Request
curl ‘https://api.starlingbank.com/api/v1/transactions/
-H ‘Cookie: __cfduid=<<YOUR_COOKIE_HERE>>’
-H ‘Authorization: Bearer <<YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN_HERE>>’ > starling.json
json2csv -i starling.json -f _embedded.transactions.created,_embedded.transactions.narrative,_embedded.transactions.source,_embedded.transactions.amount -u _embedded.transactions -B -o starling.csv

This uses the json2csv NPM package, available here, and using the following options to configure the right output.

-i, –input <input>                  Path and name of the incoming json file. If not provided, will read from stdin.
-o, –output [output]                Path and name of the resulting csv file. Defaults to stdout.
-f, –fields <fields>                Specify the fields to convert.
-u, –unwind <paths>                 Creates multiple rows from a single JSON document similar to MongoDB unwind.
-B, –unwind-blank                   When unwinding, blank out instead of repeating data.