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cloud, legacy enterprise apps and pre-sales

Using Terraform to create IBM AIX 7.2 LPARs in the Skytap Cloud

Terraform is fantastic, it has a shallow learning curve and is extremely well documented. So I was delighted when I heard that my colleagues at Skytap were releasing an official provider, having used it in anger at AWS and seeing how customers were drawn to it. Skytap works by creating templates that can contain some (or all) of the virtual machines, LPARs, networks, storage and management tools of an application or applications.

Creating a restorable image of an AIX LPAR

To run the mksysb backups on each LPAR run the following command, replacing /dev/rmt0 with the output device or storage location. mksysb -i /dev/rmt0 To backup the volume groups run the following but replace /dev/rmt1 with the output device or storage location savevg -mf/dev/rmt1 data2 To export the system configuration run the following command and transfer the pax file from /tmp/ibmsupt snap -c All of these files can be zipped up if that helps.