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cloud, legacy enterprise apps and pre-sales

Migrating an IBM i LPAR to Skytap

If you thought <<insert here>> was difficult… Try IBM i. The best guide that I found for restoring IBM i LPARs is probably here but these are the steps you need to perform in Skytap to migrate your IBM i LPAR. If you’d like to have a go email me here and we can get you started. Add Scratch Disks Add sufficient disks to cover the size of the tapes  (N.

Using Terraform to create IBM AIX 7.2 LPARs in the Skytap Cloud

Terraform is fantastic, it has a shallow learning curve and is extremely well documented. So I was delighted when I heard that my colleagues at Skytap were releasing an official provider, having used it in anger at AWS and seeing how customers were drawn to it. Skytap works by creating templates that can contain some (or all) of the virtual machines, LPARs, networks, storage and management tools of an application or applications.